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We Have A New Newsletter Editor Sally Sirum has volunteered to take over the newsletter

you can email her at gmcssnewsletter@yahoo.com


An interesting article on the Classic GMC

My name is Rich Truesdell and I am the editor or Automotive Traveler, an online-only magazine focusing on covering cars, travel, and great road trips. On Thursday we posted an article I wrote on the development and history of the GMC motorhome. I’m hoping that the members of this forum will enjoy taking a look and will leave comments and feedback as appropriate.  http://automotivetraveler.com/jump/3044


An extreme example of things you can do to your GMC

We have been known to do a lot by way of putting our personal touch on our GMC,s. We have stretched them , shrunk them, done some beautiful paint jobs ,redesigned the interiors in every imaginary way ,reconfigured the drive train to suit our wants and needs . however this guy takes the cake for unusual design , check him out at      http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hrdp_1301_the_decoliner/


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